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NVC for Experienced Practioners

 25 August and 08 September

Oakland, CA, USA

Open to those with considerable background in Nonviolent Communication, this lively, interactive workshop will provide a chance to delve deep into real-life situations, through role plays and modeling. Bring your questions, and we’ll practice and learn together.

For more information, contact Kathy.

Youth Professionals Retreat

26 August

Jewish LearningWorks
Westerbeke Ranch
Somona, CA

A three day retreat for anyone who works with Jewish teens in the Bay Area. This three-day immersive experience will build community among us as professionals and help give us the tools to do our work better. Kathy Simon will lead our sessions on the topic of "Real Talk, Caring Talk: Keeping it authentic and kind in our work with teens, parents and colleagues.”

More information here.

Communication for Educators

28 June

Detroit Public Schools
Detroit, MI

As educators, we often face frustration and anger about things beyond our control.  Parents, caregivers, and students look to us for help and support, but they often approach us in ways that seem disrespectful or offensive.  We know that everyone — parents, caregivers, students, teachers, administrators — should be working together.  Instead, it can seem like we’re on opposite teams.  


In this workshop, we’ll practice ways of thinking about communication differently, exploring how to turn conflict into collaboration, finding ways to build more mutual understanding and respect.  Based on the insights of “Nonviolent Communication,” we'll practice tools that can be useful both at work and in all other parts of our lives.

Shabbat Weekend

17-19 May

Beyt Chayim Chadashim
Nefesh Community
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Three workshops, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning at the two synagogues.

Topics include: 

​- Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

- Moving Through Conflict with Calm, Clarity, and Grace

- ​Being in a Couple: Skills for Connection, Honesty, and Understanding

More information here.

Attuned Listening for Professionals, Parents, and Partners

2-5 May

The Science of Happiness
Greater Good Science Center Gathering
1440 Multiversity
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Our family members, clients, and colleagues want us to hear them — to understand their feelings, take in their pressing concerns, help them navigate divergent opinions. We, too, want to be heard — to lead, teach, and inspire, and also to share our concerns and vulnerabilities. When we speak, we want to be honest, and of course we would always prefer to be kind.

But we don’t always see how honesty and kindness fit together. In short, communication is core to our relationships, but communication is complicated. It requires listening well, even when we don’t like what we hear; it requires speaking our truths in ways that can be heard, even when the audience isn’t particularly receptive.


Based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication© (NVC), this interactive workshop will highlight the listening side of the equation—attuning to others in ways that bring mutual understanding and a sense of new possibility. Designed for experienced listeners, our time together will deepen your skillset and help you show up even more fully in all of your roles.

More information here.

Attuned Listening for
Teen Educators

4 February

Jewish LearningWorks
Teens Thrive UnConference
San Franciso, CA

Teen educators are called upon to do so much — to listen and to inspire, to act as mediators and counselors, to connect with parents as well as teens. Teens often look to their elders for advice, but don’t always want the advice they get.  Attuned listening is at the core of this work.


Based on this principles of Nonviolent Communication©, this interactive workshop will focus on attuned listening — the skills of hearing in a way that brings deep understanding and a sense of new possibilities.  Even if you are an experienced listener, the insights of Nonviolent Communication are likely to add to your skillset and support you in your vital role supporting young people.​

In the presence of connection and choice, people give freely, so there is no telling who is the giver and who is the receiver.


—Marshall Rosenberg

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